Stephany Mahaffey, PhD
Florida Licensed Psychologist - PY9160

Psychological Services

Psychological Services
Dr. Stephany has years of experience in community mental health and university/college counseling centers. She has a breadth of knowledge in the areas of anxiety (generalized and social), depression, ADHD, and minority stress.
Dr. Stephany has expertise in affirmative therapy for LGBTQ+ individuals and families, in addition to experience with guidelines and resources related to transgender and gender non-conforming (TGNC) health.

Individual, couples, and family therapy is provided for children, adolescents, young adults,
and even the most experienced adults (Dr. Stephany is an approved Medicare provider).

Dr. Stephany is an experienced child therapist; however, in most cases  play therapy is suggested for children 3-10.
For LGBTQ+ youth in Central Florida, the Zebra Coalition provides FREE therapy for youth ages 13-24.

Standard Rates
The standard rates for counseling sessions are $125 for each 50-minute session.

Psychological Evaluation and Letters
Letters may be provided for ongoing clients for a number of reasons: emotional support animal for housing or air travel,  
ADA accessibility accommodations for university students, and gender-affirming letters.

Gender letters are provided according to the Informed Consent Model and have no required session minimum. 
For more info on the guidelines followed:

Fees for Service  

Household Income​​​​​​​​

$150,000 & above

$149,000 - $90,000

$89,999 - $45,000

$44,999 & below

Individual Sessions




Scholarship Rates
I understand that finances can cause significant hardships that hinder people from seeking therapy. In an attempt to counteract that, I offer a limited number of scholarship slots, where clients will be charged less than the Sliding Scale based on their individual needs and circumstances. If you are suffering significant financial challenges, please inquire about whether there are available scholarship slots at this time. Reported financial hardship is based on the honor system.

I am not a network provider on any insurance panels at this time.  Benefits to paying out of pocket: (1) retaining privacy from insurance companies, as they would otherwise have access to your complete record, including session content, (2) no formal diagnoses become part of your medical record, and
(3) no limit to the number of sessions in which you are allowed.

If you have out-of-network benefits, I am happy to provide you with an insurance superbill to submit to your insurer for reimbursement using your out-of-network insurance agreement. Your insurance company will require a mental health diagnosis on record.

Cash, check, Square Cash, Apple Pay, Venmo, and all major credit cards are accepted.
CashTag: $ALTLLC

Cancellation Policy
If you do not cancel your appointment at least 24 hours in advance, you may be required to pay for the full cost of the session. Cancellation fees may be partially applied to future session costs.

Please email me with any additional questions or concerns about cost, pricing, or insurance use.

Authentic Connections Group - A 12-Week Shame Resilience Training, designed by Brene Brown, Ph.D., LCSW, draws on empirically based strategies to help your clients recognize shame as a universal experience and embrace authentic living as a foundation for shame resilience. Topics include defining shame practicing empathy exploring triggers and vulnerabilities practicing critical awareness reaching out to others creating, embracing, and inspiring change Connections engages clients on a cognitive, behavioral, and interpersonal level. Clients learn via group and personal exercises, handouts, and reading assignments from Brown's best-selling book I Thought It Was Just Me (but it isn't): Telling the Truth About Perfectionism, Inadequacy, and Power. "Shame corrodes the very part of us that believes we are capable of change."   Email me if you are interested in enrolling - Sneak peek, here.
An inclusive support group available for transgender, gender non-conforming (e.g. agender, bigender, gender fluid), and questioning folx. $10 is suggested but NEVER required.
Email me if you are interested in this group